#lca2014 - Linux.conf.au - 2014 interviews.

During the week of #lca2014, Onno (VK6FLAB) spoke with attendees, speakers and organisers about their experiences and activities.

Interviews were conducted between the 6th and 10th of January 2014 in Perth, Western Australia (VK6).

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#lca2014 - Linux.conf.au - 2014 interviews by Onno VK6FLAB are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Andrew Howell

Andrew Innes

Andrew Tridgell (VK1FAAH) & Luke Hovington

Anton Blanchard & Jeremy Kerr

Arjen Lentz

Bdale Garbee (KB0G)

Benno Rice

Ben Sturmfels

Brad Marshall

Brianna Laugher


Cherie Ellis

Clinton Roy

David Rowe (VK5DGR)


James Henstridge

Jay Coles

Jessica Smith

Johnothan Oxer (VK3FADO)

Karen Sandler

Kate Chapman

Kristina Hoeppner

Lana Brindley

Liz Quilty

Luke Hovington

Luke John

Marc Merlin

Matt Dormer

Matthew D'Orazio

Matthew Garrett

Matthew Wilcox

Onno (VK6FLAB)

Paul (VK5FPAW)

Paul Warren

Pia Waugh

Rick Wheeler

Roan Kattouw

Rusty Russel

Ruth Suehle


Stephen Boyd

Steve Boak

Thomas Schöbel-Theuer

Thomas Shrinkmeyer

Tim Starling

Tollef Fog Heen

Tom Callaway

Tom Eastman

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If you're into Amateur Radio, I've also interviewed many of the members of the DXpedition team who are going to activate Amsterdam Island using the callsign FT5ZM. This is a DX community funded project with a budget of $450,000 to put 14 people on Amsterdam Island (in the Indian Ocean) for 14 days and contact as many HAMs as possible.